BBTSA International Selections - K2 Crawley 17th March 2012
May we congratulate all those athletes who took part in the English Selections for Cup of Clubs & Worlds.
We wish them well in the forthcoming events.
We also wish good fortune to our Scottish members who will be taking part in these events.
European Athletes
World Athletes

Junior Women

Georgia Blake
Kayleigh Smith
Lacie Duffie
Erin McEvoy

Senior Women

Lucinda Harding
Anna-Marie Fordward
Sammie McGuire
Aisha Beech

Junior Pair

Kayliegh Smith/ Lacie Duthie

Senior Pair European

Aisha Beech/ Sammie McGuire

Team Group

Team Div 2 - Bellettes
Team Div 1 - Hampden Park
Group Div 1 - Hampden Park


Junior Women

Jessica Whitbourn
Channtelle Halford
Holly Brooker

Senior Women

Kirsty Duncan
Victoria Johnson
Amy Wheeler-Smith
Chloe Wiskin (RES)

Senior Men Worlds

Colin Walls

Junior Pair World

Georgia Blake/ Holly Brooker

Senior Pair World

Colin Walls/ Victoria Johnson


England World Team