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Competition Rules Update Jan 2017

Changes to rules for National events. Pre-beginner section and Two baton. See document page for more details.


Twirl Fest - OCTOBER 2015

Another fantastic week of Twirl Fest for our attendees at Skipsea Sands in Yorkshire! We were extremely honoured to welcome Toshi from Japan, Michelle Smith from Canada and Marco and Desire from Italy as part of our coaching team, alongside our fantastic group of domestic coaches. Our athletes enjoyed four days of enjoyable and productive training followed by two days of brilliant competition. We are very proud of all of our twirlers for how hard they worked throughout the week and hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did. We look forward to seeing even more of you next year!


National Individual and Team Championships - APRIL 2015

Another fantastic Nationals event held at the K2 Centre in Crawley. As always, we were honoured to see some superb performances from our talented athletes from across Great Britain - from the Tiny Tots through to the Adult category. We couldn't be prouder of our wonderful membership for all your hard work and you deserve every success within your twirling careers.

Twirl Fest - OCTOBER 2014

Thank you to everyone who helped organise or participated in yet another fantastically successful BBTSA Twirl Fest at Skipsea Sands. We are so very proud of this event and hope you all enjoyed the training provided by our domestic and international coaches. Congratulations also to you all for fantastic performances both across your grade examinations and competitions. We're already looking forward to next year!


World Championships 2014 - AUGUST 2014

WOW! For the first time, England played host to the WBTF World Championships and what a success it was! Our host city of Nottingham assisted us spectacularly in putting on a superb week of events, joined by the best twirlers from across the globe. Athletes and their supporters came in droves to the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham to watch the spectacle that was the twirling on offer throughout the week. Twirling history was made on our shores when Keisuke Komada from Japan scored perfect 10's across both the Tecnical Merit and Artistic Expression elements in Senior Men's Freestyle. We were treated to this momentus occasion not once, but twice after he repeated the feat in both the Semi Final round and then the Final. We are so grateful to everyone who helped in the planning and running of Worlds 2014 - we showed the world just what the BBTSA can do!


National Individual and Team Championships - APRIL 2014

Another fantastic Nationals event held at the K2 Centre in Crawley. We were treated to some wonderful performances from our very talented athletes, both in the individual and team events. Thank you to all those who were involved in the running of the competition - we are reliant on the hard work of our enthusiastic volunteers and couldn't do it without you. The BBTSA continues to grow and thrive!


From the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice re. Donations in Memory of Arthur Jones - JANUARY 2014

Dear Brenda

Thank you for forwarding onto us the donations from your friends and family,
totalling £430.00 kindly given in memory of your husband.

This now brings the total amount raised, in memory of Arthur, to a fantastic sum of
£732.50 (including gift aids)- an amount I am sure you will be delighted with.

Every year we care for over 2,500 people with terminal illness, and their carers, family and friends.
All our care is provided free of charge.

Your generous support will help us work with more patients and their
families through our community nursing teams as well.

Our thanks and best wishes to you

Yours sincerely
Kate Heaps
Chief Executive



The November 23-24, 2013 combined meeting of the World Baton Twirling Federation (WBTF) and World Federation of National Baton Twirling Associations (WFNBTA) resulted in the structure of a union to organize an umbrella organization. The official name of the union will be announced in January of 2014. The Executive Committee comprised of both organizations was formed for the new organization’s governmental structure. The following officials were elected to positions: Sandi Wiemers, President; Beverly Johnson, Vice President; Jean Patrick Rousset, Vice President; Maurizio Chizzoli, Vice President; Jeff Johnson, Secretary General; Paul Rutten, Treasurer; Amy Williams & Moto Tsuchiya, Sport Administrators; Christine Bel, Paola DeMarchi, Darlene King, Dale White and Jackie Stewart, Technical Members; Martin Schuchmann, Veronique Tassy and Denise Pearse, Executive Committee Members at Large. The Executive created an initial project for the future by establishing a Grand Prix competition to be held August 10-11, 2015 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, CANADA, where competitors from both organizations will compete in Solo, Two Baton and Teams.



The Association are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Coaches Course in Scotland and at Twirl Fest over the course of 2014. Further information can be found here.



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